We are talking about the first blockchain hackathon of Telefonica, organized in Wayra Madrid through the Telefonica Open Future_ platform. It has reunited 28 participants of multiple nationalities (Hindu, French, Italian, German and Spanish), ages (between 20 and 65) and professions (students, entrepreneurs, lawyers, economists, developers and marketing experts).

During an intense weekend, the participants, with the support of the three organizers and other expert mentors in blockchain, have worked in a multidisciplinary way in seven teams to respond to the challenges posed by the representatives of Telefonica, Alcobendas City Council and Cuatrecasas. The challenges required the use of this technology to offer solutions for traceability, security, citizen participation, disintermediation, protection of intellectual property rights and dispute resolution systems in e-commerce.

Finally, a jury composed of representatives of the three organizers, other associations of the ecosystem such as Alastria –a blockchain multisectorial consortium in Spain– and the Blockchain Spain Association, as well as some experts in the technology, selected a finalist for each of the organizers and, among them, the winner of the prize.

Odyssey was the winner for its platform to train artificial intelligence, which distributes the training tasks among coaches who do not know each other and receive a pre-established remuneration for their work, automatically through smart contracts. The quality control is done by consensus. Therefore, this solution would involve the use of blockchain to advance the development of artificial intelligence, converging both technologies.

Oddyssey solves in this innovative way the challenge posed by Cuatrecasas: a non-centralized sharing economy model. The team, composed by three students of the Masters of Business Analytics and Big Data of IE, will have the opportunity to incubate their project in Wayra for four months and the project receives a free year of membership in Alastria. In addition, the project will have the chance to participate in the next edition of Cuatrecasas Acelera, the Cuatrecasas startup acceleration program.

D2P was finalist for one of the challenges posed by Telefonica, with a solution that combined steganography and blockchain to provide traceability to confidential documents, guaranteeing their uniqueness and detecting those that have been filtered, as well as the author of each possible leak.

Citycoin, a finalist for Alcobendas City Council’ challenge, has proposed the creation of a local virtual currency to encourage citizen participation in surveys, which would allow citizens to consume certain products or local services in the municipality.

For its part, The Foundation (Telefonica Challenge) has developed a system for the detection of false news that requires journalists to register in the blockchain the sources on which they have based for drafting their article, along with other transparency obligations established in a white paper to which journalists or press editors could adhere freely, ensuring complete traceability.

4 Nodes and Minerva (Alcobendas City Council challenge) have proposed voting systems for citizen surveys based on blockchain that maintain the anonymity of citizens, avoiding the linkage between the different votes made by the same identity.

Finally, DAaaS -Decentralized Arbitration as a Service- (Cuatrecasas challenge), proposes an alternative non-centralized dispute resolution system for e-commerce, based on smart contracts and a network of arbitrators that are chosen randomly but according to their specialization, and are encouraged by game theory to adopt the fairest decision.

In short, this blockchain hackathon has been a great experience of collaboration and learning that has allowed us to create community, promote startups that implement this technology and realize the great potential of Alastria to attract talent and startups to Spain, association to which Cuatrecasas is part.

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